• Identify the specific audience at the start and tailor messages to them. Quality icon



Shared Messaging Bank
The Shared Messaging Bank provides a variety of audience-specific messages.

Bright by Text
Bright by Text asks participants to enter their child’s date of birth and zip code. This enables targeted, developmentally appropriate messages.


Coming soon.


Social Emotional Communications Toolkit
The Social Emotional Communications Toolkit analyzed results from parent surveys and early childhood professionals to understand the needs from their target audience for receiving and delivering the information.

Project LAUNCH Translated Caregiver Handouts and Social Media Graphics
These handouts and graphics provide targeted messages for parents and caregivers based on the age of the child and the language spoken. The handouts, available in English and Spanish, include developmentally appropriate tips, ideas and activities to support social-emotional development from birth to age 8. These materials, as well as ready-to-post social media graphics, are available to download in four additional languages: Arabic, BurmeseVietnamese, and Somali.