Universal Preschool

The Council is the Local Coordinating Organization for Pitkin, Garfield, W. Eagle and Lake Counties. Through strong partnerships at the local, regional and state levels, we are leading efforts to implement Universal Preschool in our region.

Primary Care Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement for Early Childhood Screening and Referral: This initiative helps physicians to improve their developmental screening, referral and follow-up practices to promote optimal early childhood development. Quality Improvement for Pregnancy-Related Depression: This initiative helps primary care practices to improve their pregnancy-related depression screening, referral and follow-up practices. Studies show that maternal mental health can … Read more >

SLV Early Childhood Systems Building

We build organizational and community capacity to ensure: sound policy, strong partnerships, sufficient investments, robust public engagement, shared accountability, effective leadership and relevant education opportunities. Grassroots advocacy to encourage early childhood policy by engaging professionals, community leaders, and other citizens joined together by their concern for the well-being of Colorado’s children. Collect and analyze data, … Read more >

SLV Early Head Start Program

Early Head Start (EHS) programs serve infants and toddlers under the age of 3, and pregnant women. EHS programs provide intensive comprehensive child development and family support services to low-income infants and toddlers and their families, and to pregnant women and their families.

Children’s Festival/9Health Fair

We partner with the local 9Health Fair with our children’s festival. Free developmental, social/emotional, vision, dental, hearing and height/weight checks are offered. Additionally, there are fun activities provided by local centers and organizations, as well as information about community resources, free books and more!

Systems Building

Working with community partners – service organizations, families, elected officials and other key stakeholder, ECPAC helps to identify and break down system barriers for families having equitable access to affordable, high quality, comprehensive services and supports (health/well-being, early learning, and family support and education) through the use of a community developed strategic plan, Action Teams, … Read more >


Through collaboration with key partners, ECPAC supports a community-based support to improved/increased equitable access, affordability, and quality of cross-domain services and supports for young children and families. ECPAC has invested time and resources in long-term professional development and technical assistance to support community organizations in: 1. Intentionally implementing the Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Service (CLAS) … Read more >

Comprehensive Coordinated Identification and Referral Best Practices

Through collaboration with key early childhood partners, ECPAC developed a comprehensive identification and referral process using best practices to break down barriers for families accessing indicated cross-domain services and supports. ECPAC provides training and implementation support to community multi-disciplinary service providers on use of the materials and process and monitors follow through rates. The process … Read more >

Building an Early Childhood System

Denver’s Early Childhood Council strives to ensure all children and families in Denver have equitable access to quality early childhood services and supports, and works strategically with community partners to align efforts and create more efficient and culturally responsive services. For example, the Denver Council served as lead recipient for LAUNCH Together in Denver, a … Read more >