What is It?

The Early Childhood Colorado Framework is a shared vision that Colorado is a place where all children are valued, healthy and thriving. Since 2008, the Colorado early childhood community has embraced the Framework. The Framework includes Fundamentals for early childhood progress, Strategies for Action to achieve early childhood systems change, early childhood Domains, and Outcomes that are based on Access, Quality and Equity.

It is important to know the progress that Colorado is making toward its shared vision for early childhood. The platform provides an opportunity to share program information and to highlight progress that Colorado is making on the Framework Outcomes; it assists in sharing continuous improvement, leveraging existing opportunities, and aligning the multiple systems and connections that positively influence the earliest years of children’s lives.

Who is it For?

The new interactive Framework tool is part of the Early Childhood Colorado Framework website. The information accessible through the tool is submitted by early childhood focused programs, organizations, agencies and stakeholders that have embraced the Framework and are working to advance these Outcomes in Colorado.

It is intended for use by providers, policymakers, researchers and local and state agencies to share programs and best practices that align under the Domains and Outcomes of the Framework. This platform allows organizations with similar or complementary programs to connect and partner with other Colorado organizations. It is not intended to be used by parents or caregivers to locate services or to market or promote individual programs. Rather, this is a tool to help us understand how Colorado is advancing an early childhood system that supports better outcomes for children and families.

The Framework website also will connect users to trusted informational reports and resources that address early childhood issues in Colorado, based on the Framework domains. This will provide a single point of entry for individuals who are interested in understanding Colorado’s progress toward the Outcomes of the Framework.

Framework Tools

Full Communications Toolkit

Get valuable resources to support conversations with diverse partners about the importance of early childhood using the Framework. This includes helpful talking points, leave-behinds and more to ensure you’re prepared for your next one-on-one, meeting or event.

Download Complete Toolkit

Framework Brochure (English)
Download and print the Framework or incorporate the image into your website or collateral.

Framework Brochure (Spanish)
Download and print the Framework or incorporate the image into your website or collateral.

Framework Poster
This 2’x3′ poster is a great visual for events of all kind or to hang up in your office.

Framework Icons
Utilize icons and graphics for documents, reports or presentations.

Sample Powerpoint Presentation
Use these slides for your next board meeting or event. We encourage partners to adapt, imbed and co-brand this presentation to best fit your audience.

Framework History

We know Colorado prospers when all children are valued, healthy and thriving. Creating a shared vision and pathways for collaboration is key to building successful early childhood systems and ultimately, a successful Colorado. The Early Childhood Colorado Framework promotes a shared vision for communities to better integrate and align efforts to ensure all children reach their developmental potential and succeed in school and in life. Originally developed in 2008 as a resource guide for comprehensive early childhood systems work in Colorado, the Framework has been used by state and local early childhood stakeholders as a resource to help identify needs, guide planning and decision making and build partnerships. Colorado’s innovative and bold leadership in securing investments, increasing efficiencies and launching new initiatives for early childhood inspired leaders to refresh this valuable tool.