Developmental, Social-Emotional, and Peri-natal Mood and Anxiety Disorder Screening and Referral

The CCECC works with medical practices and screening partners across Chaffee County to ensure ensure all Chaffee children receive timely developmental screenings and appropriate referral and follow-through when additional services are indicated. The program also utilizes best practices to increase the number of women receiving standardized screenings at physician offices and local access to effective … Read more >

Colorado Shines Quality Improvement Program (CSQIP)

The Colorado Shines Quality Improvement Program (CSQIP) provides licensed childcare providers support and technical assistance to navigate the Quality Rating and Improvement System and Professional Development Information System. Currently 75% of Chaffee County licensed providers are enaged at a Level 2 or higher in the CSQIP. Three high-quality (Level 4) CCCAP providers are present in … Read more >

Kid Connects

Kid Connects provides integrated health and mental health consultation through a relationship-based mental health consultation model in which consultants are based at licensed child care settings.

Early Childhood Workforce Initiative

The Early Childhood Workforce Initiative engages community stakeholders to address local workforce shortage and to increase the qualified, effective Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) workforce to 50% above the needs of current capacity to promote mobility and leadership development within the La Plata County and Southern Ute community. The project partners with local school … Read more >

Quality Improvement Project

The Early Childhood Council of La Plata County Quality Improvement Project works to support eligible providers in La Plata County to achieve the goal of 60% provider engaged in Colorado Shines Quality Rating and Improvement System. The council employs a Quality Improvement Navigator to provide technical assistance and quality improvement awards to licensed centers and … Read more >

Ongoing Saturday School Professional Development

Professional workshops organized in collaboration with local school district. Workshops help early childhood educators improve the quality of the programs they offer as well as train them on important social emotional research and tools.

Quality Improvement Coaching

Our highly qualified Coach supports providers and child care programs in accessing funds to enhance and sustain quality services to children and families.

Preschool Scholarships

Following the Colorado Preschool guidelines for qualification, a limited number of preschool scholarships are available on an annual basis via TANF funding from our local DHS.