Through collaboration with key partners, ECPAC supports a community-based support to improved/increased equitable access, affordability, and quality of cross-domain services and supports for young children and families. ECPAC has invested time and resources in long-term professional development and technical assistance to support community organizations in:
1. Intentionally implementing the Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Service (CLAS) Standards:
2. Disaggregating data regularly to assess for disparities in access, utilization and outcomes by demographics and Using appreciative inquiry to support “customers” to provide demographic data for informed organizational decisions.
3. Authentically engaging the community in organizational decisions to ensure culturally responsive services.
4. Engaging and supporting all levels of employees of the organization in understanding and being responsive to cultural beliefs and values of employees and “customers,” creating an inclusive environment.

Primary Role of Program in Early Childhood Systems:


Service Area(s):


Population(s) Served:

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Outcome-Based Activities The Program/Initiative Provides:

Family Support & Education

Family engagement and leadership opportunities exist within programs, schools and communities
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Health & Well-Being

All health care providers, including mental health, deliver coordinated, family focused care
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Health & Well-Being

Settings and practices promote strong relationships, social and emotional development, appropriate nutrition and physical activity
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Learning & Development

Education, coaching and ongoing training exist for caregivers, teachers and other professionals
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Program evaluates effectiveness of activities and services:


Organization Details:
the Early Childhood Partnership of Adams County

8859 Fox Drive, Suite 205
Thornton, Colorado 80260

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ECLC Framework Matrix: Outcomes > access, quality and equity