SLV Colorado Shines Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement Rating Information System (QRIS): Licensed child care programs go through a program rating every 3 years (voluntarily) working to achieve a Quality Rating (Level 1 = licensing, Level 2 = more training; level 3-5 is considered high quality). This program provides technical assistance from the QI coach to become licensed, update child care … Read more >

Canopy Temporary Housing

Growing Home’s Canopy Temporary Housing program has housed families since 1998. Growing Home relies on the partnerships of nearby faith-based and non-faith-based institutions to provide the physical space from week to week. The program includes a day center for families to utilize during the day. Growing Home’s Canopy program, with a capacity of 14 beds, … Read more >

EQIT Course

The Expanding Quality in Infant Toddler Care (EQIT) 48-hour course of training is designed for individuals like you who currently work with or plan to work with infants and toddlers and are interested in improving your knowledge and skills. It is particularly appropriate for child care providers who are looking for an in-depth, hands-on course … Read more >

Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist

Through a partnership with The Resource Exchange, Early Childhood Specialist staff trained in development and behavior assessment will assist care providers and parents in planning and implementing interventions for the specified child to succeed or to improve an overall classroom’s support of children’s social emotional development.

Expanding Quality in Infant and Toddler Care

The Expanding Quality in Infant and Toddler Care (EQIT) training is a 48-hour curriculum, and is offered twice per year in English and once per year in Spanish. The curriculum covers information including infant and toddler brain development, responsive caregiving, emotional development, motor development, language and literacy, understanding and respecting culture, inclusion/special needs, safe and … Read more >

Colorado Shines Quality Improvement Program

The Colorado Shines Quality Improvement Program provides outreach, conducts readiness assessments, and gives technical assistance to child care providers seeking to improve their Colorado Shines quality of care rating. Colorado Shines includes five levels of quality of care environment: level one providers meet basic licensing requirements and level five have worked through a thorough improvement … Read more >

Best Start for Babies and Toddlers

Best Start for Babies and Toddlers (BSB/T) classes instruct parents—a child’s first and primary teachers—on their child’s development, activities for bonding, how to find helpful resources, how to find quality child care, preventing and treating illnesses, child safety, strategies for encouraging children’s positive social-emotional development and more. BSB/T uses the Partners for a Healthy Baby … Read more >

Colorado Shines Quality Improvement Program (CSQIP)

The Colorado Shines Quality Improvement Program (CSQIP) provides licensed childcare providers support and technical assistance to navigate the Quality Rating and Improvement System and Professional Development Information System. Currently 75% of Chaffee County licensed providers are enaged at a Level 2 or higher in the CSQIP. Three high-quality (Level 4) CCCAP providers are present in … Read more >

Ongoing Saturday School Professional Development

Professional workshops organized in collaboration with local school district. Workshops help early childhood educators improve the quality of the programs they offer as well as train them on important social emotional research and tools.