The Validation Project

There is no trademark on the use of “Montessori” in the public domain. Any school or program can call itself Montessori but be lacking in any of the elements that would be considered necessary to implement the philosophy and curriculum as taught in accredited or nationally recognized Montessori teacher preparation programs. The CMA Validation Project … Read more >

Childcare/ early childhood education Center

TLC recognizes the hectic schedules of modern families, and offers the same high-quality early education atmosphere of our preschool classrooms for the littlest of learners in our infant nursery and toddler classrooms. Childcare at TLC serves children as young as eight weeks old up to 2 1/2 years old, when children can transition into our … Read more >

Council Impact Tool (CI Tool) Initiative

ECCLA is moving forward on a long-held objective to measure, analyze, and communicate the collective impact that the network of Early Childhood Councils has across the state. This initiative, the Council Impact Tool (CI Tool), is capturing both the local and the statewide impact of Councils. The five sections of the CI Tool are based … Read more >

Early Childhood Health Outdoors (ECHO) Partnership

ECHO is based on a decade of research by North Carolina State University’s Natural Learning Initiative on the Preventing Obesity by Design model. This research showed that by improving the design of outdoor spaces through affordable interventions and training early childhood professionals, young children and early childhood programs enjoy substantial benefits. Together, ECHO and ECCLA … Read more >

ACES and Hope Professional Learning Community

Eight hour training for early care and learning professionals on Adverse Childhood Experiences, Resilience, Professional Self-Care and Working with Parents. Training is delivered in collaboration with Peaceful Households and is delivered to entire ECE Sites or to professionals from various sites.

Sangre de Cristo Preschool

Colorado Preschool Program preschool housed within the Sangre de Cristo School District. The preschool serves children 3-6 yrs. old.

Aspen Grove Community Preschool

Aspen Grove is Nederland’s only non-profit preschool, serving children 2.5-6 years of age, as well as serving low-income families in both Boulder and Gilpin counties. Aspen Grove has a Level 4 Quality Rating from Colorado Shines.

Child Development

SUPPORTING CHILD DEVELOPMENT This training provides an overview of how children’s brains develop and what factors can influence healthy and age-appropriate development. We explore how early experiences can influence learning, behavior, and development. Participants receive a certificate for 1.5 hours of training and resources. This training is provided to early childhood professionals and families together.

Social and Emotional Well-Being: Trainings

CONNECTED CAREGIVING: DEVELOPING QUALITY INFANT AND TODDLER RELATIONSHIPS This training helps early childhood professionals understand what responsive caregiving looks like in practice. We explore areas of infant/toddler child development and developmentally appropriate practices including attachment theory, serve and return interactions, strategies to enhance adult-child relationships, and more. This exploration provides the opportunity to identify your … Read more >

Injury Prevention: Capital Improvement Grant

We award capital improvement grants twice each year for both indoor and outdoor improvement projects. Our capital improvement grant is for Colorado-based 501(c)(3) organizations that serve children younger than age five and are in need of permanent facility improvements.