Mission Statement

Providing Essential Health and Education Support Services for Diverse Families of Premature, Medically Fragile and At-risk Infants

Organization Description

Our purpose is to ensure that families of premature and medically fragile at-risk infants and young children can access to support services, community resources, and parent education opportunities that optimize their child's health and social-emotional development. Our goal is that families of premature and medically fragile at-risk infants and young children are connected, confident and comfortable in caring for their baby and receive support services from knowledgeable and experienced healthcare and early childhood education professionals.

Our Family Support Programs provide information, resources, and parent support services and education for families of premature or medically involved infants and young children. The Healthcare and Early Childhood Education Development Programs provide education based on strength-based strategies that support sensitive and responsive caregiving and the parent-child relationships so important to early brain development and maternal/infant mental health. Using our Strategic Partnerships, NICU Consortium Partnership brings together individuals and organizations that are committed to promoting a coordinated system of discharge and follow-up for babies and their families who are transitioning from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to their home and community. These partnerships also promote advancing knowledge and practice through co-learning, collaboration and innovation .

Organization Type

Family Support and Parent Education Services

Organization Contact Info

6592 Club Villa Road
Parker, Colorado 80134