Mission Statement

The mission of the Colorado Early Education Network (CEEN) Head Start is to facilitate and enhance productive programming and services for children, staff, and parenting partnerships, along with partnering with educational entities, community resources, and local, state and federal agencies. CEEN is designed to create a collaborative network bridge between resources, programs and participants.

The focus for children’s programs and services is on birth through eighth grade, combining the goals of social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth and development, providing safe and healthy environments that enhance a sense of well-being, worth and accomplishment, fostering and maximizing partnerships with parents and families, valuing diversity and cultural traditions, and assisting individuals to become successful lifetime learners and contributing community citizens.
The focus for early childhood staff programs and services is the enhancement of skills through training, education, mentoring, guided experiences and the development of integrity and leadership skills, and specifically to improve and maximize staff/child/adult interactions.

Organization Description

Colorado Early Education Network (CEEN) provides Head Start and Early Head Start-Child Care center-based services in Weld County, Colorado. Many of the communities served are small, rural, and separated by large distances; the largest community is the city of Greeley (population of 103,990). The total funded enrollment is 562 Head Start preschool children and 48 Early Head Start-Child Care infants and toddlers. The program has a total of 12 centers. Seven preschool centers are located in Greeley in modular buildings located on Weld County School District 7 campuses; one additional preschool center in Greeley is located in the Catholic Charities owned Plaza del Milagro center; the final preschool center in Greeley is located in the annex of the AC School on 23rd Ave. The remaining two preschool centers are located in La Salle and Milliken. The EHS-CC Jefferson infant and toddler center has three classrooms located within the Weld County School District 6 Jefferson High School, and three classrooms located at the John Evans EHS modular.

The curricula used by the program are the Creative Curriculum for Preschool 5th Edition; Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers and Twos; GOLD Online Assessment system; Pyramid Social-Emotional Development strategies and various supplemental resources are also available to staff. The management staff effectively uses the Child Plus web-based software to manage services for children and families.

Organization Type

Head Start/Early Head Start

Organization Contact Info

710 11th Ave Ste L90
Greeley, Colorado 80631

List of Programs

Organization has not created any programs.